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College Anywhere enables students to take care of many core degree requirements in the Humanities, Social Sciences, Physical Sciences and Foreign Language classes. From there, the catalog expands to include classes in Business, Education, Information Technology, Engineering, Health and Medicine and Criminal Justice courses, just to name a few. You’ll also find technical courses and career training – anything from automotive repair to welding and more.

Search our catalog to see if there’s a course for you. You can narrow your search results – to find the perfect class – by filling out multiple fields in the search tool below. Or, click here if you’d prefer to begin working with a College Navigator.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the different between CollegeAnywhereVA and online classes I’m already taking at my local campus?

CollegeAnywhereVA opens up nearly every online course offered across Virginia’s 23 community colleges. You’re no longer limited to only those online classes offered by your nearest campus. You get thousands of additional choices. CollegeAnywhereVA introduces incredible flexibility and more options that supplement the great opportunities available at your local campus.

Is distance learning right for me?

Still not sure? Take the Is Distance Learning Right for You? Quiz. The results tell you more about the online experience.

Will taking classes remotely look bad on my transcript? Will future employers think differently of this virtual experience?

First of all, future employers will only know you took online classes if you tell them. Your transcript won’t specify that. But don’t be shy about revealing the remote class structure  because online learning says a lot of great things about you. These kinds of classes demonstrate your dedication, time management skills and drive to work on your own – and they show you’re confident using technology.

And remember, Virginia’s Community Colleges are accredited, which means an outside educational organization has reviewed and confirmed that our courses meet rigorous academic standards. As you look for a job, you’ll find that employers value the education you received here – in every form.

Do online classes meet at a designated time every week like in-person classes?

Online classes come in two primary forms: synchronous (where everyone is learning at the same time) and asynchronous (where students learn at different times). Our course listings tell you what to expect for every class.

Keep in mind that if you are in an asynchronous course, you want to make sure you’re following that course’s syllabus and turning in assignments and taking tests on schedule. Your College Navigator can help you find the best fit for you learning style, your life and your long-term interests and goals.

Does taking classes online mean there’s no interaction with students and instructors?

Every class creates opportunity for rich engagement and collaboration with your professors and classmates. Those tools might include video instruction by your instructor, discussion boards to engage between lessons and peer reviews on presentation. You might find a study group in one class creates a digital space to work on a project. Our community colleges are equipped with modern technology, and we prepare our faculty on ways to get the maximum benefits out of using digital tools to connect with their students.

Could I earn my whole degree without ever stepping onto campus?

Yes, depending on which associate degree or certificate program you select. Some trade programs can start with online learning, but will require hands-on classes to learn and master required skills.

Virginia’s Community Colleges also are part of the Virginia Online Network, which supports remote learning for 60 undergraduate degree programs. Your community college credits can transfer to a four-year university where you can finish a bachelor’s degree.

Do online courses meet the standards for guaranteed admission to participating four-year institutions?

Absolutely, yes. After all, they’re community college courses, just with instruction delivered in a different way.

What’s a College Navigator? And how do I find one?

Our team of College Navigators do just want the name implies. They help guide you on your college path. They can help you apply, enroll, register for classes, explore financial aid – and so much more.

Reach out to us – and a College Navigator will be back in touch.

As a remote learner, what support can I get to help with my classes?

To us, it doesn’t matter where you are learning: You have access to the same support services. Those include tutoring, writing support and access to your dean at your local campus. Many of those resources are even available online. Don’t worry. We’ve got your back.

I don’t have high-speed internet. Can I still do these courses?

Not all courses rely on high-speed connections or other remote modalities. Your College Navigator can help you find the best courses to complete without WiFi, as well as help you identify where on your local campus you can connect to WiFi hotspots.

You also might plan for asynchronous courses, where you can complete assignments when you can most conveniently get that high-speed connection. Be sure to read your syllabus at the start of class and understand the requirements and deadlines.

What happens if I have trouble connecting to a class? Does the college offer IT support?

CollegeAnywhereVA courses use the same learning management system, known as Canvas, to deliver remote learning. Your College Navigator can help you set up your Canvas account. We offer robust guidelines and tips on how to access your courses, and you can check into your local campus to see what additional resources are available.

I started my application but it says I’m already in the system. What do I do next?

We’re so sorry to hear that! By any chance did you attend an art camp at Tidewater Community College when you were 10? Or maybe you were a high school student who was dually enrolled with Rappahannock Community College? All real examples, but there are many other reasons you could already be in our system. This is another way your College Navigator can help you. Their job is to be there for you.

How does financial aid work for online courses?

Financial aid typically works the same way as for traditional in-classroom classes, with some exceptions for veterans and military dependents. Even though community college courses are the lowest-priced courses in Virginia, we know that many students still need help with tuition. Check out more about Financial Aid, including eligibility requirements. If you have questions, reach out to your College Navigator, who can help you review your eligibility and complete your application.

Whether you’re new to our ranks or a returning student, we want to set you up for success. For returning students, we encourage you to connect with your College Navigator to begin class enrollment today. If you’re new to Virginia’s Community Colleges, click on the button below to make contact with your new College Navigator, who can advise and begin your class enrollment today.